“ESCO” is a company, sole proprietor or other legal entity that provides energy services or other measures to improve the energy efficiency of its customers and that accepts a certain degree of financial risk in performing its activities, and the payment for services is fully or partially based on the achieved energy efficiency improvement or the fulfilment of other agreed criteria.

The Agency, upon the prior consent of the Ministry, shall publish guidelines on energy service contracts, procedures and documents for the preparation and initiation of procedures for the selection of ESCO by public sector entities, and in particular by local self-government units, guidelines on preparation of feasibility studies and similar studies for public-private partnerships. The agency shall publish the guidelines on its website.

If the Agency receives information that distribution system operators or suppliers of electrical or thermal energy and natural gas or energy service providers hinder the supply or delivery of energy services or any other measures for improving energy efficiency prescribed in accordance with this law and the regulations adopted in accordance with this law, or hinder the development of the energy services market, including closing the market to competitors or abusing the dominant position contrary to the provisions of the applicable regulations on competition protection, it shall submit a notification to the Commission for Protection of Competition.

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