Eco-design is the integration of environmental protection requirements in the design of energy-using products in order to improve environmental performance throughout their life-cycle.

The Government, upon a proposal of the Ministry, adopts a decree prescribing the procedures, generic and specific requirements for eco- design, internal audit and conformity assessment systems, the detailed requirements to be met by traders, suppliers and importers of energy-using products regarding eco-design, as well as the dynamics and deadlines for applying the eco-design requirements to energy-using products.

Suppliers and traders of energy-using products are obliged to import, place on the market and/or put into use exclusively energy-using products or products affecting energy consumption which:

  • meet the established technical requirements regarding eco-design in accordance with a decree;
  • the conformity of the products is determined in a prescribed procedure in accordance with the regulations for conformity assessment; and
  • the products are labelled in accordance with a decree that prescribes the requirements for the eco-design of the respective group of products.