Internal organisation of the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia

The Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia operates as an organizational legal entity. The internal organizing is regulated by general acts for organization and systematization of the Agency’s work.

Bodies of the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia are:

Management Board of the Agency

The Agency is managed by Management Board, comprised of five members. Members of the Agency’s Management Board are appointed and dismissed by the Government, with due consideration to the equitable and adequate representation of members of all communities.

Agency Director

The work of the Agency is managed by a director. The Director of the Agency represents the Agency, organizes its work, implements the decisions of the Management Board, commits to its legitimate operation, prepares the work programme and financial plan, and carries out other duties stipulated by the Law and the Statute of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

Director of the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia

Dario Nikolivski , Bachelor of Law


Advisor on legal-normative issues

Natasha Stefanoska, LL.M (Master of Law)

Advisor on human resource management

Sanja Chamevska, Bachelor of Law

Advisor on legal – administrative issues

Hulja Imeri, LL.M (Master of Law)

Department for Energy:

Advisor on Energy Policy

Stanislava Nikolovska, Bachelor of Political Science

Junior Associate in action programs and energy efficiency plans

Darko Angelkov, BA.Mech.Eng.

Junior Associate in project coordination

Irena Keshelj Vrtova, Master of Science in Wood Technology

Junior Associate in energy control and energy characteristics of buildings

Ordan Kaeski, Bachelor of Economy

Junior Associate in preparation and processing of documents

Vlatko Gjorgjioski, Electrical Power Technician


Management Board of the Energy Agency

  • Ms. Aleksandra Spasevska – President of Management Board of the Energy Agency – Member
  • Mr. Goran Mojanoski – Member
  • Mr. Robert Dikovski – Member
  • Ms. Aleksandra Janjevska Ginovska – Member
  • Mr.Fidan Selimi – Member