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Project ”Enabling the Environment for Introducing Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Republic of Macedonia

This project consists of five components:

           1.Capacity building

-          With this component is predicted straitening of the capacity of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. The result would be enhancement of EARM’s overall administrative, operational and expert capacity in order to meet the challenging task of the New Energy Legislation

2.Legislative and enabling environment

-          With this component it is predicted setting the basis for implementing directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD). This Directive is set to promote the improvement of energy performance of buildings.

3.Pilot project

-          The pilot project addresses a main issue which is the heat market in Macedonia. Main fuels for heating and warm water are electricity and oil in the larger towns, and wood in rural areas. The pilot project addresses a main issue which is the heat market in Macedonia.

4.Know-How exchange between Academic Institutions

-          For this purpose, a round table will be established, where academic partners from both Austria and Macedonia will participate. This round table will define the details of the contents of the know-how exchange.

5.Awareness raising campaigns

At the moment this project is in delay and it will continue to be implemented when the three involved parties: Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry for economy of the Republic of Macedonia and the Austrian Development Agency achieve a common position. 

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