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CeProSARDThe Association "Center for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and rural development"CeProSARD is established upon initiative of a group of citizens – experts in the field of agriculture, rural development, economy and environment based on their personal knowledge and experience as well as realization of the necessary need for intensive work in the field to introduce sustainable practices in the area of agriculture and rural development. The Association is established with an initial meeting of its founders in June, 2007 when a decision is made about the name, short name (with Latin letters) and the symbol of the Association.

The Energy Agency of Republic of Macedonia cooperates often with CeProSARD and till now jointly have published manuals for: photovoltaic power plants, hydro power plants, biomass power plants and wind power plants, and also CeProSARD coordinates the working group made by the initiative of the Energy Agency of RM for making Book rule for energy performance of buildings.

Also with previously obtained opinion of the Bureau of Public Procurement, the Agency of Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with CeProSARD has prepared Guidelines for the application of measures for energy efficiency and saving energy in determining the characteristics of goods and services related to energy efficiency and conserving energy at the most favorable bidder.

More for CeProSARD u can find here.

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