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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is using less energy without reducing quality of life.

The increase of the energy consumption in the Republic of Macedonia over the last decade has been dubbed. The reason is the increase in industrial activity, outdated technological resources and old infrastructure that dramatically accelerates the inefficient use of energy.

The implementation of energy efficiency measures will result in a reduction in   electricity bills. Then the saved funds can be used to improve the standard of living and operation of workers, consumers and    citizens.

The legal framework for energy efficiency R. Macedonia, consists of:

  • Energy Law
  • Strategy for Energy Development
  • StrategyforEnergyEfficiency

How to start implementation of energy efficiency: 

  • When you exit the room turn off the light 
  • Do not hold the door of the refrigerator too long. You spend energy and money without any necessary. 
  • Turn off electric appliances when not in use 
  • Turn on the machine for washing clothes and dishes when full they are full.
  • Do not switch the air conditioner when not required or when you're not in the room 
  • Replace ordinary light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs 
  • When buying new appliances you should always choose a appliance with the highest energy class A class. 
  • Lowering the temperature in the room by just one degree can reduce the electricity bill up to 6%. 
  • Turn off the computer and monitor, when nobody is using them. In contrary of the popular believes their turning on and off doesn’t cause any damage.
  • Тhe purchasing products that save energy you save your money at the same time.
  • With regular cleaning of the stacked ice from the refrigerator and freezer you spare energy and carry the length of life of appliances
  • "Regular" lights converted only 5% of the consumed electric energy into light, and the remaining 95% in heat and do not last more than 1000 hours.
  • During the day remove the curtains from windows, especially those on the south side, as more energy would naturally entered the home.
  • If several times a day you fully open the windows and turn off the heat, you save more energy than if you constantly keep your window open and heat the rooms with full capacity.
  • Come in – Turn on
  • Go out – Turn off

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